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Oh My Delta, another THC compound to explore!? You already know about Delta-9 THC–the illicit compound that makes you high, euphoric, and perhaps a tad bit paranoid. You may have also heard about Delta-8 THC, the molecular neighbor that you can synthesize from legal hemp for a mildly psychoactive effect. But are you in-the-know about Delta-10 THC? 

Over the last few decades, cannabis researchers have discovered many forms of THC, known as THC isomers. The most well-known THC found in cannabis is technically called Delta-9 THC. Today, there are various isomers like Delta-8 THC and now Delta -10 THC. To put it simply, isomers are compounds that share an identical chemical formula but are arranged differently. This new structure usually comes with new pharmacological properties.  As we learned with Delta-8 THC, this slight difference in chemical structure could translate into an entirely new experience for the user. The novelty has gotten cannabis users excited about trying these “new versions” of THC like Delta-8 and Delta-10. Just like a new cannabis strain, it offers an alternative to the same old high and it comes with its own unique effects and benefits.

Delta-10 THc Effects

Delta-10 THC like it cousin Delta-8 THC, is primarily derived from Hemp Cannabis Sativa L Plant.  Delta-10 THC is said to be less intense than Delta-9 THC and Delta-8 THC. It’s also said to be more of a head buzz than a full body high. Delta -10 THC tends to have a weaker affinity for binding to the CB1 receptors, resulting in milder effects. According to some users, the effects of Delta -10 THC are more akin to a Sativa high versus an Indica high, typically with less paranoia and anxiety.  Sativa strains provide effects that tend to be more uplifting and cerebral, making them better suited for daytime application. Especially compared to Delta-8 THC which tend to provide more of the sedative and couch-locking effects associated with Indica strains.

Keep in mind that Delta -10 THC could still potentially cause you to fail a drug test. Most testing facilities are not yet able to distinguish between various THC isomers, that means it could come up as positive for Delta-9 THC. If you know you will be subjected to any kind of drug testing, you should avoid using Delta -10 THC products altogether.

Delta-10 THc Benefits

Scientists have known about Delta-10 THC for quite some time;. however, there is limited lab research focused on this particular cannabinoid for a variety of reasons. Since it occurs in such negligible amounts naturally, it was not even on the radar for most cannabis researchers until recently.  Delta-10 also has the potential to appeal to a mass audience looking for psychoactive benefits, without the potential downsides caused by Delta-9 THC.  We at Texas Bud-eez believe “Delta-10 is going to be very popular because it offers euphoria and increased focus, without the paranoia and anxiety some users report from Delta-9 THC. There is a lot more work that needs to be done regarding the effects of Delta -10 THC consumption, here are some reasons you might want to try it.

  • Produced from plants containing less than 0.3% Delta - 9 THC

  • Provides more of a psychoactive experience than CBD

  • Offers a new experience to cannabis users from the traditional Delta-9 high, especially when combined with other various cannabinoids and terpene profiles

  • Invigorating Sativa-like effects are desirable for daytime consumption

  • Lab tested products are screened for contaminants, pesticides, residual solvents, Vitamin-E Acetate, etc. making them a safer option over THC cartridges sold illicitly on the streets.

DELTA-10-THC - The details

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